Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Having a Holiday in Maldives

Have always wanted to visit the beautiful island Maldives and was waiting for the right deal to come my way. When me and wife had our first anniversary in a week it bumped me to do something special for her. Surprising her with flowers and chocolates would not woo her, since it was our first wanted to take another step ahead. I chose the easiest option to google in for best holiday deals in Maldives. Have to love the internet, it has changed lives since the past few decades made life a lot simpler for humans today.

I bumped into a site which took me by awe and was attracted instantly to the offers they had to offer. Maldives indeed is a paradise on earth, beautiful beaches, huge trees, large and spacious villas it would be the perfect destination to rekindle the love again. Nowhere else can you experience such fantastic beauty, exceptional service, luxurious water villas and amazing white sandy beaches. She is an extremely crazy about white sand, whenever planning an event like this keep all our favourite things in mind and then choosing an ideal destination seems easy. Do your research and you sure will lay hands on one of the best deals online?

The ideal time to visit Maldives is any time of the year that is the beauty of this place as it stays sunny all year long. With Luxury Holidays Club you can get accommodation at these luxurious Water and Beach Villas for thousands of dollars less than normal. There are many other ideal holiday destinations which are worth visiting for as less as 329$. It is the perfect getaway on the budget. Joining and being their member gives additional benefits in terms of waivers and earning revenue if you send a referral. They also offer you 60% reduction in air fares for some of the flight deals as well. The list of resorts were many we chose the Medhufushi Island Resort 5 star and trust me it was high class service in every sense. Imagine a place that is just out of this world with white sandy beaches surrounded by blue water and lagoons. You can see nature at its best and beauty unravelled till wherever your sight goes.

The hotel had everything we had hoped for from Private Water Villa, spacious and comfy. It had the most romantic setting ever. Private outdoor veranda and sun lounging area where we could spend the evening just gazing at the star lit sky. The food was scrumptious with so many cuisines to choose from; even the most whimsical ones would be appeased. The wine and dine section was unbeatable.

It was just the perfect ending to the celebration of our one year of togetherness, just time spent by ourselves. Life was bliss and the trip was the most unforgettable journeys of our life. Trust me getting affordable rates is not hard you should know where to find them and just take a break you have been longing for.