Saturday, June 5, 2010


When it comes to homemade cat food recipes, sensitive stomach issues can finally be dealt with in a healthy and gentle manner. Over the years, health and feeding concerns have led to frustration for a great many pet owners. This is largely because a cat that fails to thrive ultimately experiences poor health which ultimately leads to big vet bills. Not only that, it means having to watch a good friend suffer as you try to find something that agrees with their system. Traditionally, a cat with a sensitive stomach is moved from one commercial pet food product to another in hopes of finding a digestible food source. This method for coping with such a problem often turns out to be ineffective, frustrating and costly.
With digestive issues, a vet will assume it is the cat's diet that is causing the problem and rightly so. However, the vet almost always mistakenly looks to a defect in the cat rather than the food. This is where the wild goose chase begins. First and foremost, any cats being made to ingest an indistinguishable commercial food product when they are designed to assimilate nutrients from natural foods is bound to cause problems. Add to this the number of chemicals, toxins, preservatives, sugars, fats and waste products ranging from dead animals to plastic as the central source of nutrition and a sensitive stomach becomes more than understandable.
What many do not know is that a commercial cat food product, no matter what the brand, is just the same dangerous concoction in a different package. With homemade cat food recipes sensitive stomach issues become a thing of the past. Your cat finally has a food source that is meant for its stomach and a stomach that is meant for its food. There are no added chemicals, no preservative and no grains or sugars to throw your favorite feline's system off balance. In fact, in nature a natural diet not only works as food but medicine as well. This is why your cat can get healthy and stay healthy, all without the help of a vet.
Ninety percent of health problems in cats are diet related and without homemade cat food recipes sensitive stomach issues are bound to persist. Not only does the digestive system suffer from toxins and other dangerous additives, your cat's immune system can be broken down over time, leaving it defenseless to illness and disease. Homemade cat food is easy to put together, can have you shaving $50 off your monthly pet food budget and can help you see a tremendous drop in vet bills. Best of all, your furry feline companion will see the end of his or her health troubles and become more vibrant, healthier and stronger. This is in addition to adding a remarkable boost of up to eight more years to its life span.
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